Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter and Spring of 2008 Schedule of Guests

For Immediate Release Press Release
Friday, November 30, 2007

Contact: Eric James Wolf
Phone: 937-767-8696

The Art of Storytelling With Children Podcast and Blog enters it’s second year.
This Podcast is a national conversation from all perspectives on the profession of “storytelling with children” recorded as a conference call on Tuesdays at 8:00pm.

We serve all members of the “storytelling with children” portion of the storytelling movement including presenters, listeners, administrators, educators, parents, and storytellers.

If you're not already on the email alert list, you must sign in by the Friday before the call to get the email that will give you the telephone number and access code.

If you wish to listen to the podcast, you can subscribe via iTunes or just listen on the website. Our listener base is still growing so spread the word about this great no-cost on-line program.

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Sincerely Yours

Eric Wolf
A.K.A. Brother Wolf to thousands of children world-wide.


Upcoming Schedule of Guests.

December 4th – No Conference Call - Yellow Springs Tail Spinners, Developing your storytelling abilities with a group.

December 11th - 8PM EST – Margeret Read Macdonald,
Telling across language barriers.

December 18th - 8PM EST – Michael Caduto, Stories about giving and receiving.

No show December 25th Vacation.

January 1st - 8PM EST- Bobby Norfolk, The brain is hardwired for stories.

January 8th - 8PM EST– Daisy Howard-Douglas,
Herstory - tell the truth, it will set you free.

January 15th - 8PM EST- Steve Denning,
Secret Language of leadership implications for education.

January 22nd - 8PM EST- Priscilla Howe, Creating a successful storytelling practice.

January 29th - Tuesday at 9 pm EST - Alex Feldman,
Connecting Quickly (and Managing Behavior) through Physicality.

February 5th – 8PM EST- Joyce Slayter, Telling to teenagers with newborns.

February 12th - 8PM EST- Dianne de Las Casus, Storytelling a safari into literacy?

February 19th - 8PM EST- Syd Lieberman, Telling your Family’s Stories.

February 26th - 8PM EST - Joseph Bruchac. The Truth of Native Stories.

March 4th - 8PM EST- Mark Morey, Storytelling as a Mentor

March 11th – 8PM EST- Dianne Williamson,
Literacy Development - Storytelling in the classroom.


March 18th - 8PM EST- David Epley, Comedy and Storytelling.

March 25th - 8PM EST- Jackie Baldwin - Kate Dudding,
Storytelling in Schools a reference guide to educational programs.

April 1st - 8PM EST- Sally Crandall, Historical Storytelling

April 8th - 8PM EST- La'Ron Williams, Supporting social justice through storytelling.

April 15th - 8PM EST– Jeff Gere, How you can Think Big with radio and TV.

April 22nd - 8PM EST– Jan Andrews & Jennifer Caylel,
The Power of Folktales in children’s lives.

April 29th - 8PM EST– Sally Crandall, Historical Storytelling.

May 6th - 8PM EST- Joshua Safford, Telling to the street – magic for eye.

May 13th - 8PM EST– Buck Creacy, What makes stuff funny in storytelling?

May 20th - 8PM EST– Karen Chace, Story by story, building a school storytelling club.

May 27th - 8PM EST– Avner, Avner Eisenberg, Avner the Eccentric,
The Body Tells the Story.

June 3rd - - 8PM EST– Dovie Thomason, Building Young Adult Audiences.

June 10th - - 8PM EST– Mary Jo Huff,
Early Literacy begins with rhythm rhyme & story time.

June 17th - - 8PM EST– Laura Simms,
What Happens in the Mind of Children during a story?

June 24th - - 8PM EST– Jim May, Storytelling in Classrooms .

July 1st – 8PM EST– Jack Zipes, Fairytales are still relevant.

July 15th – 8PM EST – Tom McCormack,
How indigenous storytelling bridges cultures.


Past shows available online at for immediate listening or through iTunes as a podcast.

Mary Hamilton, "Working on Our Work" Storytelling Weekend.

Jonathan Wright, Cross-Cultural Storytelling.

Medicine Story, The Power of Mythology with Children.

Lyn Ford, Breaking into Storytelling.

Doug Lipman, Selling Ourselves Outside the Storytelling Community.

Judith Black, Child-Based Stories.

Jim Flanagan, Teaching Writing to Children with Storytelling and
Working with State Benchmarks.

Stephen Hollen,, Improvisational Storytelling with Children
Creativity and Children.

Bill McKelll , Founding a Storytelling Festival from Scratch.

Camp Directors:, Kate Fox, Ellyce Cavanaugh, and Zayanne Thompson
Storytelling with Children at Camp.

Kevin Cordi, Children Telling Stories – Giving Children a Voice.

Rick Carson, Working with Fear and Children.

Cynthia Changaris, Singing with Stories for Children.

Carol Birch, Working with Copyrights - How We Do the Work.

Eric James Wolf, Going to the Next Level with Your Storytelling Business.

Ellen Munds, Executive Director of Arts Indiana. The A B C’s of Running a Festival.

ETHNOHTEC, Your Highest Vision and the Nitty-Gritty of your Storytelling Practice.

Rev Victoria Burdick, M Div Hospice Chaplin, Storytelling in Ceremony.


Cristin Thomas, Director of the Tejas Storytelling Association. Exposing New Audiences to Storytelling.

Steve Otto, one of the founders of the Chicken Festival with Bringing Storytelling to New Communities.

Carolyn Franzini, Director of the Cave Run Storytelling Festival. Running the Festival and How Storytellers Become Candidates for Telling at the Festival.

Julie Mills, Festival Organizer of the Northern Kentucky Storytelling Festival.
Building a Successful Storytelling Festival at Your Library.

Mary Margaret O'Connor, Owner of Digital Storytelling using emerging technologies with your storytelling.

Larry Johnson, Key of See Storytellers. How storytelling in your school and classroom creates successful leaders.

Onawumi Jean Moss, Using culturally driven objects to create entertaining storytelling festivals.

Rachel Hedman, Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance. Child tellers speak out: what they wish adults knew.

Karen Czarnik, Conversation and songs for the timid singer.

Brother Blue, Street Storytelling and more.

Fran Stallings, Environmental storytelling telling Hope to inspire action.

K. Sean Buvala, Telling for Teens and Tweens.

Mark Wagler, Reshaping classrooms with narrative pedagogy.

Heather Forest, Musical Folktales for Children.

Tim Sheppard, The Authentic Playful Storyteller

Elizabeth Rose, Empowering teachers to use storytelling.


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