Thursday, November 29, 2007

I got impatient today again and I blew it.

I sent an email to a listsev – I’m sure a few of you are on that listserv email. I started the email with me and another person instead of other person and I. Pretty obvious really I could have spared the thirty minutes to bother some body else. But honestly I was impatient and feeling really successful with other stuff so I didn’t get the document corrected. Spent a better part of an hour feeling guilty - beating my self up.

Most of the email was cut and paste from other previously corrected emails. Wait I’ll get it out so you can see it.

Here it is…

Well - Tracking the college E-Cats Free E-course.

Me and Rachel Hedman would like to give every storyteller on the planet a no cost E-course to help you get campus gigs.

We have prepared an E-course for you to take and use at no cost to you. It will give you an idea of what the full conference call course is like. If you are interested, go to to sign up for the free e-course. Fill out the form and after a few moments check your email and click the link inside the email
to activate your course.

Rachel Hedman has performed at Brigham Young University, University of Utah, California State Fresno University, West Hills College, Snow College, Weber State University and is
the co-chair of the Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance. Here is what some people have said about the workshop Rachel Hedman presented at the National Storytelling Conference this last summer - College Big Cats: Tracking and Capturing the Performance.

I'm sure there are people on this listserv who are already experts in finding work on campuses and honestly I would love your feed back on the e-course.


Eric Wolf

I’m sure that you see other issues with the posting. But here is the thing – dyslexia really requires that you have a certain degree of optimism to continue writing and that same positive attitude gets you in trouble when you think of course I got it right this time.

Or maybe I just get tired of writing and getting everything proofed – baa humbug to proofing.
FREEDOM from editors!
Dyslexic people of world unite!

Truth is I just need to have patience with myself and my editors.

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