Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Rules

I can't believe I am even considering this - kind of like a blind person painting or deaf person writing a sympathy - of course there was Beethoven. This project arises out of my desire to vent a little about the difficulty of blogging with out people judging you just because you can't spell and have no sense of grammar.

My hope is that this blog will help make people more aware of how judgment is so damaging to dyslexic people and that so many potential authors live in shame of a simple typo.

Here are the rules
1) No outside help for me.
2) No spelling commentary accepted on the blog.
3) I will honestly describe moments in my life where my dyslexia or brain dysfunction what ever you want to call it gets in the way.
4) I am allowed - if I am in the mood to use Microsoft word spell check - and you I am sure will be highly amused.
5) I care not one wit for your amusement and will erase comments about spelling errors or omissions.
6) I will accept commentary about thoughts or ideas on the blog.


Eric Wolf

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