Friday, May 25, 2012

Art is Service

Life is not filled with television, radio and internet.  Life is filled with stories spread through television, radio and internet.  Where these medias get in trouble is where they forget that they are meant to be life affirming and life sustaining.   Successful art redeems life bringing joy and laughter to life and is essentially human culture reborn to serve that the current generation.

TV and radio are top down forms of media.  The owner of the media gets to decide what the media will broadcast.  The internet has bias too towards those who can purchase talent or ears.  But the internet has it's own potential to serve a different type of storytelling.  With the rise of the internet the middle class has an media engine to match the TV and radio. 

We are all storytellers - but many of us have forgotten that part of the responsibility of the storyteller is which story to tell.  We are used to being told by the TV what are stories we are part of.  Americans are not used to the telling part of storytelling.  We are learning.  Slowly the giant of the future awakes to find that his chains have become string his cage a ginger house.

There are so may people still who do not have access to the internet - this fabulous tool of free expression.  We are awakening from the age of the TV - we are a wakening into the age of the storyteller.  We begin with the most basic question - not what do we want to consume - but what do we want to create?

A Reccomendation

What does it mean to be dyslexic?  How does being labeled a dyslexic become a label or a shield?  These are some of the questions that this blog tackles with a fresh spin and look.

I would like to suggest the spring pragmatist blog - because it dances around dyslexia and writing so nicely.  Recently the author left a comment on this blog.

I enjoyed reading some of her writing.  I think you would too.

Eric Wolf