Saturday, November 24, 2007

Forgetfulness and Bills

I don’t know if you noticed, but recently in our society the corporations have been getting a little uppity again. Mostly they are demanding that they be the center of the world. My favorite example is Ohio bell I mean sbc – I mean sbc global – ATT – for now.

They have the weirdest idea that if you want to pay them it has to be really difficult. Sure I could send them a check. But – by the time I write the check get to the post office and mail the think. Just too many steps for me to loose the envelope or other wise go wrong. Once I wrote the check in such a loose script that they rejected it and I didn’t know till they had turned off the phone service. They were very nice when I said I was dyslexic they forgave all the bills and extra chares and I paid the back payment no problem.

My insurance agency was very different experience – to make a phone payment you have to go through three separate steps and it took a while. The basic point being that each of these business required that I think about them and that I remember them and that I spend a half hour to pay my bill. Being some one who forgets why he is waiting at hold or wonders off from making payment at just the wrong moment. I find this idea that I need to dedicate so much time to basic bill paying – really over whelming.

I’m having trouble just getting simple stuff done. I don’t need this extra layer of complexity in my life.

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