Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just another update.

Tomorrow I will begin publishing my opus from college on the How to Not Teach or 12 ways to turn a teacher into a prison guard.  This article was written by me during my last semester of college in 1993  I will be updating it for clarity.  These post are actually far more radicle then anything else I have published here before - I wrote this post while researching whole language reading theory and practice and other radicle teaching methods.

I wrote this piece while I was doing a direct for college credit teaching sessions.  That's when I met with a teacher for an hour a week, did additional independent work and got a full college credit for a class.  If I had only known about this when I started college I would have done all or most of my class work this way. 

On another note my process on this blog had changed -
1) am editing my work with a much lighter heart.
2) Wow  I am editing my writing at all. Amazing
3) I have become very comfortable with sharing non main stream ideas about education.
4) Those ideas have defiantly developed.

I hope you enjoy this series...


chris clark said...

I enoy your writing<3

Unknown said...

I am really enjoying your blog.

Just for editing you might look at an online resource at Ghotit, where a text-to-speech is also available for IE-7/IE-8 browsers.

Best wishes!

Judy Adamson said...

VERY interested in your blog - when I'm not painting/designing I teach people with dyslexia one-to-one. At the moment I'm up to my eyes in trying to market my artwork, but I'll come back and read more as soon as I get a moment!

Congratulations on your blog so far and long may it continue!

(PS there's a link to a Synthetic Phonics website in one of my earliest posts - that's the teaching method I use pretty successfully).