Thursday, November 26, 2009

Now Back to Storytelling for children and adults...

Years ago I started my fairy tale line Fairytales Forever as Fairy tales for Single Parents.  These stories a rose out of my work with inner city children in New York City.  Many of whom are growing up in single parent household.  This seven CD set touches on issues of interest to modern children through recasting the fairytales of old.  I am planning on finishing this set next spring.  You can read more about the Fairy Tales forever series at

Sean Buvala is working the other end of this market brilliantly with his new e-book Daddy Teller.  Which you can read all about at  What I really like about Sean's work - with out having read it  - is that he is empowering fathers everywhere to use storytelling role model there children.  How else could you get the most bang for your very limited time with your children?

You could take my free e-course on Zen and the Art of storytelling in Seven Simple Steps, but that would still leave gaping holes in your knowledge of how to use storytelling with children as a dad. (or a mom) The fact is that knowing how to perform and knowing how to be present with your children are vastly different skill sets.  


SoulSpace said...

ow true..yr closing words are so there

About Sean Buvala said...


Thanks for the love on the book. It's actually a real book on the shelves at Amazon and can be ordered from places like Borders, etc. The book also has connections back to the Internet for "owner only" training videos and more stories. It's been great fun to do this project.


Marja said...

Great job you do. stories are such a great way to teach I would love to learn