Monday, November 2, 2009

Dyslexia is more then not spelling.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand that dyslexia is more then just having difficulty with reading, grammar and spelling.  If only that were the case, dyslexia is a struggle with literate world that insists on treating everyone like they can fill out forms by hand.  For many people, dyslexia also effects their audio recognition and more importantly precognition of events.  In other words time is particularly difficult concept for many people who are dyslexic.

Both the movement of time and planning the use of time can be very difficult for dyslexic children and adults.  As a professional storyteller I have struggled for years with stage timing and how to be aware of the time on stage without breaking contact with the audience.

Another reality that many dyslexic children and adults face is shame and other emotional baggage related to their struggle to function in a literate society.  A society that does not seem to recognize best effort or tried really hard, but only recognizes spelled everything correctly.


hart said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog. An eye-opener about Dyslexia. I especially liked the ealier post about the wheelchair and the steps, and that kids with trouble reading need some ramps. Something to think about--Hart

Anonymous said...

spelling is what made me realize that something was truely wrong with my intelligent 8yo son. parents know when something is wrong, they just have to read the signs and act on them for the sake of their child. thanks for the blog.