Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Day Bad Day

One of the most difficult things to explain to people who are not dyslexic is that learning disabilities are not constant. LDS is not like lighting a room where you can just say that the effect is set or controllable.

People ask me - can you spell, or what is your reading like? Most days it’s just like yours is my answer. After eight years of basic English and with the help of constantly writing new posts for this blog I have improved my style and writing comfort in the last year. Still I have bad days and good days.

Spelling is relative – grammar extra credit. Getting back to the point here – so if dyslexia is biological state and changes from one day to the next in relative effects. What happens when a dyslexic student goes in for a test o a bad day? If the student has the ability to change the test date – nothing will happen. If the school system is not flexible then the student suffers through a hard day.


ll13595 said...

Excellent post, I will begin following your blog it looks quite interesting thank you for the insight

Belinda said...

Hi, I've come to think I have dyslexia over the last few years. I have some of the same experiences you have, and it's almost ruined me as a person. Can you tell me what I should do to seek help? I feel drowning in misery.

ll13595 said...

Please by no means take this as professional avice (my software will not recognize the word I'm trying to use we will call this a bad day.)  

First thing first please never look at dyslexia as a great disadvantage to your life. If anything it gives you a very unique perspective on the world. It allows you to think very fast on your feet in a very visual format.

Second piece of advice is like anything else with practice and the proper tools you can adjust to the expectations of the outside world. Some of the tools that I use personally are NaturallySpeaking for dictation and natural voice for text-to-speech. These tools allow me the ability to communicate some days better than others.

My last piece of advice is always recognize your true blessing, the ability to be a unique individual, with a unique way of thinking, in a unique way of seeing the world. These abilities is what setss you a part from the ordinary individuals of the world and truly makes you special.
Best wishes please fill free to contact me, if for no other reason just to talk to somebody who understands