Friday, January 17, 2020

Brave New World

Dear Reader

I have decided to reopen this blog.  Since I last published here about my experience being a dyslexic person eight years ago.  I have completed my 2nd Master degree in social work, moved to Earthaven Eco-village and become an accomplished social worker.

Currently I have License in Clinical Social Work - a Master in Social Work and a Master's in Environmental Education.  I will continue the rule of know outside editing in this blog and no grammar comments allowed.  DOWN with GRAMMAR POLICE!  Long live the spell checker.

We have a responsibility to the next generation.  We have a responsibility to the people who come after to reach down as they reach up.  It has become clear to me that this blog might be a good way for me to connect with people who want to free them selves and there children from ridged or highly limited educational thinking.

I will be altering the blog to make clear that I coach parents and grandparents by phone in any English speaking county to help the understand how best to come to terms with their dyslexic children.  More about that next week.

All the Best

Eric Wolf LCSW
Earthaven Eco-village
Black Mountain, North Carolina

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