Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Biggest Step

The writer is the host and producer of the Art of Storytelling Show

The biggest step towards towards success that any dyslexic person, or parent attempting to support a dyslexic student can make is realizing that they don't need to make their focus in life around what sucks.  Life is short and reading and writing are important.   Alright in a literate society reading and writing are really important.  But it is also important to spend time building other life skills, like having a moral compass, playing games, making friends and holding a job.  All skills that can be accomplished by anyone whether or not they can read.

I am not saying that you or your child have to give up your education.  But what if you took a year or two off to try other opportunities?  Taking your kid out of school and locking them up at home while you go to work might not be a good option unless you don't have to work or you have a hundred acre ranch to hang out in.  Working parents can recognize the value in sending your kid to summer camp setting for one month out of the year.

Perhaps your desperate reader loves baseball or tennis?  Whatever the area of their life that allows them to decompress and energize after a long day of not reading in a school setting.  Do not tie their dreams or fun to their school grades or ability to read in any way shape or form.  

Find their success however small and feed them.  Find their dreams and light them on fire.  

In the end building up what has been torn down in our children is a parents job.  In the end we must live with the choices and the personalities are children own.

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