Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nuts in Bolts of being Dyslexic

Recently I had a classic dyslexic experience.
For the past five months my phone service has been telling that it has messages.

As a dyslexic person I have tendency to switch the audio recognition of sounds, colors or other stimulus. Red means green, black is white, t is h or yes means no. While the more obvious red and green analogy is rare for me these days. I have been known on a once every five years occasion to go through a red light. (That could be an interesting PHD for some one; Dyslexia and traffic accidents – anyone?)

Usually for me dyslexia means that I have to dumb down what I say to write – or - I have to use words of simpler variety in order to communicate effectively.

When I read - My optimum communication style is the first person spoken narrative.
When I speak it - Communication is easy for me by word of mouth using stories.
When I write it - Storytelling works the best.

That little exercise made my head hurt - Back to the phone service.

The phone company sent me a signal (when I pick up my phone the dial tone - stutters or blinks.)
I, as dyslexic person, reversed the meaning of the stimulus. For the past 5 months I have been thinking that no one - has left me a message. Think about that - not a week not a month for the last five months I was convinced that none of my calls were returned.

I mean really; how is that possible? You could think - well Eric is an idiot. I had tests - and I'm not really. So there is another explanation. Well - many dyslexic people have memory issues. They fail to connect past language related events with present ones with current ones. Dyslexic children struggle with issues of time and time management. The long and the short of it is – I didn’t notice that more then a week had gone by with out getting a message.

Not to forget that dyslexic people have lower self esteem then other populations. So it is onlly natural for a dyslexic person to think that on one called them. ☹ Did I mention the 60 messages waiting for me in my voice mail?


Margaret Meyers said...

A beautiful post, Erik. Anything which raises compassion for others is good, but your blog is personal, humorous, touching. As an adult with bipolar disorder, I have seen similar impatience, dehumanization, failure to see the very valuable qualities of bipolar people. Keep talking.

I did wonder why you didn't answer my message a few months ago... ;)

steph said...

Hi Eric, my son is also dyslexic, and yes at times he forgets or loses things (mobile phone - many times!!) Sometimes it is annoying to have to replace a mobile with another AGAIN. Its funny how sometimes we fit the problems to the label we give ourselves. I have known for a long time that I am what is known as HSP (a highly sensitive person) and a lot of my own experiences in life - of being overwhelmed by light, sound and sensation- shyness etc, can be linked to this label. I too have also driven through a red light and waited at a green one! For me living life is about understanding what my sensitivies and abilities are, and sometimes just forgetting the label. I'm not a label, I am Steph, you are not a label you are Eric, Margaret is not a label, all of us are wonderful human beings first, and dyslexics, bipolars or HSP's second...

My thoughts and you are free to disagree...