Saturday, September 20, 2008

A radical proposal.

What if we don't need to learn to read and write anymore?

What if modern video or audio technical ability has created a world where writing is obsolete.

I mean really in a video age does anyone who doesn't want to have to learn to read or write have too?
Of course those who think this will be excluded from this conversation by their practice.

Just wondering....

Hope you have been able to listen to all 7 of the Ira Glass interview clips....

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Scatteredmom said...

With modern technology I wouldn't be too surprised. My husband, who is dyslexic, using Dragon Naturally Speaking at his government job. I know kids that use reading software at school.

Thanks for you nice comments on my blog. I'm not sure if you noticed that Jake is, in fact, learning disabled and has dyspraxia (a motor coordination disability). We think it is related to his Dad's dyslexia-although Jake reads very well.

Strange how all that is related.