Monday, January 7, 2008

What causes dyslexia?

Well - my fellow searchers we travel on and I have been reading stuff online again and we all know that everything that appears on the internet must be true...

I read this past controversial issue of whether the cerebellum not properly developed is the key to causing dyslexia. I see a good argument here and I have begun to do more reading on the subject. Here are some older articles on the subject from the world wide web.

This Article is old news from BBC


The Cerebellum as the Cause of Dyslexia

Dyslexia and the Cerebellum: The Missing Evidence

i have read before of how dyslexic individuals will sometimes during periods of high exercise or athletic feats temporarily lose all signs of dyslexia. I tend to doubt that if I work balance fro ten minutes twice a day for a year that after paying 3 grand for the privilege that I will develop new cerebellum - but what if I took the Chinese herbs and at the same time practiced juggling while balancing on high wire?

You laughed - I'm serious - I mean your talking to some one who has taken over the counter drugs for a whole year because he was told that his spelling might improve. Yes I didi the motion sickness treatment. But i do see a pattern here - balance, hearing, sound and spelling - they all seem to be related.


I also found this amazing site on the brain and time witch is really cool but the reading is highly advances I know that some of my readers are not as interested in such thick headed and intelligent commentary - but this blog is worth keeping an eye on.
(Long as you don't keep an eye off me of course!)

Tick Tock Talk: The IQ brain clock


Sass said...

I'm a mother of a child diagonised with dyslexia - for a time I had my own website about him but I turned it into now more my rants and raves. I'm grateful that you write about your experiences for your words give me an insight into a 10 year old and what he is dealing with. Thank You

Unknown said...

On dyslexia's cause, are you familiar with the discussion of dyslexia in the book "Native Reading"? It's online at:
It's a pretty different take on dyslexia from a scientist who comes at it from a broader perspective than most of the neurophysiologists come from.