Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Truth is Harder then You Think

All of this effort to get my brain functional.  The herbs taken.  The delirious brain concoctions my wife has made.  Mean time every night my wife and I took baths in the old claw foot bathtub.  My wife herself tested for heavy metals a few months ago and she tested high for lead.  She bought one of those lead kits for the house and brought it home and left it in a drawer somewhere.

My 16 year old home-schooler, was wandering through the drawers, found the lead test kit and just for fun he started testing stuff - including the tub.  Turns out that the tub is in fact glazed with a lead based glaze.  Makes me wonder how much of the memory issues I have been having are not dyslexia, but old fashioned lead poisoning.

Of course for the purposes of this blog - I am in fact dyslexic as proven under the tests given my in 1985 at the age of fifteen.   Of course my dream is to successfully find a way of curing myself of the symptons of dyslexia through health, herbs and fitness.  I think that lead poisoning maybe easier to deal with.

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