Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 reasons to Join the Art of Storytelling with Children NING!

In reverse order like a letterman top ten list... http://storytellingwithchildren.ning.com

Drum roll please....

7) You love Eric's podcast and want to make him feel accomplished for the hundreds of hours of work he has invested into the Art of Storytelling with Children Podcast.
6) You never heard of Eric or his podcast and feel sorry for him spending hundreds of hours on his podcast.
5) You love children (not in a weird way) and love to write and share about storytelling with children..
4) You want one more website with a decent google page rank to list your storyteller website and increase your visability on google.
3) You love to tell stories to children on the amateur level and want to belong to a storytelling networking community - and the professional storyteller NING is a little intimidating.
2) You recently had bad accident and are trapped in a full body cast unable to escape from your hospital bed except through the internet.
1) Your a social networking addict

Seriously though consider joining now because you love telling stories with children...

Incase you missed it Eric Wolf's Website
and Eric wolf's Storytelling Podcast

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