Friday, January 11, 2008

My Artistic Statement

It's funny how you can spend years on this stuff and it keeps on coming. Yet in just a few minutes you can suddenly turn a corner. Here is my latest clarity of purpose written in 20 minutes yesterday. If you are an artist or business person i highly suggest that you spend the time to narrow your purpose and sharpen your vision and I am not taking about your site.


In a sentence, I support conscious parents in raising imaginative and magical children by reconnecting their children to the natural world.

Artistic Statement
I am committed to the empowerment of children and adults through storytelling. I use storytelling performances to build relationships between people and nature. I use storytelling to teach skills that lead to the practice of peace.

I am a guide for audiences, introducing them to the magical world and the natural world through my stories. My body is the canvas for my imagination and through storytelling I bring a fantastic and thrilling storytelling ride. My style of performance involves the use of characterization, sound and body motion. Each story is fantastic, magical, and present whether through tall tales of my life growing up in NYC, scary stories or modern fairytales from the heart.

I perform in mixed age venues in storytelling festivals, schools and children’s theaters around the United States. I am committed to my performances being accessible to the widest audiences, highest entertainment value, an underlying theme of grace where each story will teach a life lesson.

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