Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is Dyslexia the result of Bad Teaching?

Someone told me that they thought that a lot of children who were diagnosed as dyslexic were in reality suffering from a lack of teaching.

I don't think so - most children are over taught and the more I am involved with working with children the more I think that they need a gentle hand.

You don't teach two year olds how to read - unless they ask for it. So why do we insist on teaching at grade level so much? Studies show that it takes an adult thirty hours to learn to read at an adult level. So why do we spend years on it in childhood?

We do because the lesson is not reading - the lesson is to tame the spirit and squash the soul.   A free people can not be ruled or conquered with out there implicit permission either through non-action or lack of imagination. If the ruler can kill the idea of freedom that what need has the emperor for the sword or the boot?

Dyslexic people are people who have less toleration for the crap that the rest of us call learning by route.   A throughly discredited form of learning that has no business being in the same room with small children or adults - unless invited by there passion and sheperared by there own desire.

With  Love

Eric Wolf

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