Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Video Demonstration of Dyslexia

Personally this makes my head hurt - so they are on to something.  You know?

I think the possibilities are limitless here - but this could be done right so that new and upcoming teachers can get a better sense of what dyslexia can be like.


chryl said...

Hi I am 49 years old and there is nothing wrong with having dyslexia
Had it all my life I just have to think of another way to get the question answered, it is how other people look at me that is the hard part I am a fine artist,own my own silk screen printing business
(t-shirts)lol.I have to double check every thing, I can wright backwards this comes in handy when writing 0n foggy windows up
side down amaze your friends,very good at puzzles,
(not crosswords),and read upside down
now that every one texts with i fit in just right,dyslexia has made me unique and to think outside of the box just remember there is spell check and carry a dictionary,and you can find most words in a phone book. on word and up word to infinity and beyond thanks Chryl

The Aspiring Pragmatist said...


Completely, it is an excellent start to demonstrate to others what dyslexia feels like.

I personally love this photo (

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I have just found your very interesting web site and am getting to grips with all this new cyber space. Not on twitter or Facebook but I do have an e mail My dyslexia caused my no end of trouble as a child coupled with other negative elements. My therapy was to write !!! about it. I have published a book on Amazon and info can be found at
My escape was having a Bird in a cage in my head. Its good to read others have had difficulties but not necessary as cruel as mine. I will explore your site with enthusiasm. Many thanks Chris Stewart